Since September, HEART 9/11 has collaborated with a number of organizations, including Playita Resiliente, Sacred Heart University, the University of Puerto Rico, the City of San Juan, Jonathan Marvel Architects, JetBlue, American Express, 100 Resilient Cities and the Rockefeller Foundation to rebuild/repair over 200 badly damaged homes in Playita, Canteras and Orocovis. Volunteers cleared roads and removed trees along with providing medical assessments to communities in need. The HEART 9/11 response teams include firefighters, union laborers, carpenters, police, and paramedics. Volunteers distributed solar battery packs, donated by Cantor Relief Fund, to many affected by Hurricane Maria. HEART 9/11 is currently sending skilled carpenter volunteers to work with and train apprentices over the course of 10 weeks. It is an important next step to teach young people in Puerto Rico the necessary skills to help their neighbors and to secure employment in the construction field while building resilience.



HEART 9/11 is offering the SMART Responder Training Program starting February 26th. Program includes: • An in-depth analysis of the mind-body HEART 9/11 SMART Program for First Responders • An 8-week module program appropriate for officers with chronic stress issues, burnout, allostatic load issues, or significantly acute incidents that are unmanageable • Ideal for police cadet academy training • Trainee manual will be provided