HEART 9/11 received a call for help from a veteran in Hamden, CT, who needs a second floor addition to her small cape home that will allow the family to grow and have a brighter future. The veteran was born and raised in CT. She enlisted in the Army and attended the Defense Language Institute of Monterey, studying Persian-Farsi, and later Dari. In 2003, she was with some of the first units to be deployed to Iraq with the 502nd MI Co, 3/2 Armored Calvary Regiment out of Fort Polk, Louisiana.  In 2012 her Military Sexual Trauma and Combat PTSD suddenly and unexpectedly caught up with her and turned her into someone she no longer recognized. Through therapy and intervention at the VA, she was encouraged to return to college where she earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. She has a supportive husband, a former Marine Infantryman, who has stood by her despite these dark times. He is a teacher, volunteer fireman and EMT. They have a beautiful three-year old daughter, who is the light of their lives.
HEART 9/11 will donate the skilled labor necessary to renovate the home which will include the addition of a second floor. The additional components needed for this veteran home build are building and construction materials, furniture, appliances, window and wall covering, flooring and lighting fixtures along with other items. Many of these items will be donated by local businesses, but others will need to be purchased.
This family has sacrificed so much that allows us to live as free Americans. It is now time for us to pay them back for their selfless sacrifices. Please join us as we salute those who have served our country and vow with us to “Never Forget”.