The HEART 9/11 Veteran Build team was back to work in Bloomsburg, PA at Camp Elk Tannery this fall providing the skilled manpower needed to finish a 1,200 sq. ft. cabin addition. The camp, comprised of 110 acres in Northeast Pennsylvania, provides weekend retreats for Veterans to connect with nature. Camp Elk Tannery is working to create the ideal training platform for veterans and citizens to understand the importance of forest land and wildlife stewardship.

HEART 9/11 is offering the SMART Responder Training Program starting February 26th. Program includes: • An in-depth analysis of the mind-body HEART 9/11 SMART Program for First Responders • An 8-week module program appropriate for officers with chronic stress issues, burnout, allostatic load issues, or significantly acute incidents that are unmanageable • Ideal for police cadet academy training • Trainee manual will be provided