A HEART 9/11 “Incident Assessment and Management” Team was sent to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to help our fellow HEART 9/11 OKC Police and Fire Department members to cope with the tornados horrendous effects. We brought our expertise and training to further the recovery efforts. The HEART 9/11 trailer was positioned inside Moore, OK’s devastated worksite. We were on the ground within 24 hours of the tornado destruction in sections of Moore making a difference – escorting heart broken homeowners to their ravaged homes, making structural safety recommendations and providing safe escorts into the impacted homes to remove vital and emotional personal belongings such as birth certificates, banking information, pets, photos and keepsakes.

The teams that responded to Moore and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are true professionals which is why HEART 9/11 did not hesitate to respond to the call for help despite the inherent dangers associated with the unpredictability of tornadoes. Thank you to HEART 9/11 team members under the leadership of Tom Murphy, Dennis Lee, Donna Lamonaco and John Viola.