The Dominick Romano Award recognizes individuals who are role models for Centenary students as they explore and come to understand the impact they can have through service leadership, a hallmark of the Centenary Experience. This year the Dominick Romano Award for outstanding community service will be given to HEART 9/11, a non-profit organization that is comprised of veteran police officers, fire fighters, construction trade union workers, surviving families of those killed on September 11, 2001, and those others who share the belief that we can help ourselves by helping others. The Mission of HEART 9/11 is to alleviate the suffering of individuals and communities coping with disasters and mass trauma. HEART 9/11, through its volunteers, developed the physical capabilities and national network to respond – as they did in the case of Hurricane Katrina – to disasters where their skills can help first responders and victims alike. The level of expertise of the volunteers of HEART 9/11 is unparalleled in volunteer organizations. HEART 9/11 has successfully completed more than twenty deployments throughout the U.S.A and most recently in Haiti. Bill Keegan and John Viola will be accepting the award on behalf of the organization.