Jesuit Novitiate Water Storage Tanks – Port-au -Prince, Haiti
HEART 9/11 repaired all structural damage to Jesuit Novitiate in Port -au-Prince, demolition damaged 6,000 gallon water tank and replaced with four 1,500 gallon tanks to redistribute weight across the roof top ensuring better safety during future storms. The damaged 6,000 gallon water tank was dismantled and demolition completed with all concrete removed from roof and carted away by truck. Four 1,500 gallon water tanks were hoisted to Novitiate roof and secured. New plumbing from the installed tanks matched to existing plumbing. A large hole in the roof caused by the tank collapse were repaired. All large and small cracks were repaired and made stronger than ever with epoxy and rebar. All damaged support walls repaired. These repairs enabled the Jesuits to reenter the abode and continue their critical mission to the Haitian community.