The HEART 9/11 team has returned from Fond Parisien, Haiti after successfully accomplishing their goal of building 50 homes in six days. (Materials delivery affected our original goal of 60 homes). The homes were built for amputees and their families which will complete the village. The days begin at 5am, when all workers rise and meet for breakfast under a dark, still starry sky. The work begins on a construction site that sits on the edge of a tent city, full of refugees who were displaced by the 2010 earthquake. Upon wrapping up construction late in the afternoon, the team often ventures into the villages to play with the children and speak with the locals. This tireless group proves once again that through tragedy there is always resilience. We held an organized soccer match for the Haitian children, made possible by donations from HEART 9/11 and Local 79 member, Charlie ‘Chaz’ Rynkiewicz. The team originally got the idea after their previous trips to Haiti, struck by the similarities the sport evokes in both American and Haitian children and the parents who support them. Once again HEART 9/11 has made a difference that will not go unnoticed. We thank the generosity of Jefferies & Co, without whom none of this would have been possible.