HEART 9/11 Pre-Apprentice Program October 2018 – Ongoing

The mission of the HEART 9/11 Pre-Apprentice Program is to train community members in the field of carpentry to rebuild/replace roofs that were damaged by Hurricane Maria. Further, once the pre-apprentice completes the training gainful employment will follow with NGOs, private companies or acceptance into a union Apprentice Program. The pre-apprentice program will consist of both hands-on roof repair with union experts and classroom instruction.

  • 10-week HEART 9/11 Pre-Apprentice Program
  • Highly skilled bilingual instructors from the Carpenters Union and local Puerto Rican instructors
  • Students receive classroom and job site training while rebuilding houses in their community
  • Classroom instruction includes OSHA 10 worksite safety, basic mathematics, tool inventory, tool
    and material identification and maintenance, CPR, first aid, blueprint reading, use of measuring devices, basic rope safety
  • Instruction focuses on worksite safety, tool safety and the importance of building codes and standards to meet or exceed local requirements


  • Develop a skilled construction workforce in Puerto Rico to meet the immediate infrastructure and housing needs
  • Provide a resilient adaptive training model to meet the ongoing construction needs beyond the rebuild period of 5-10 years
  • Build sustainable infrastructure, housing, hospitals and schools that are building code compliant and resistant to damage from future storms