From the hard-learned lessons of 9/11 and the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School to our brothers and sisters who now face similar challenges during these challenging times HEART 9/11 is sharing our stress management program.

HEART 9/11 SMART Program for First Responders Program Summary

  • Dr. Gregory Fricchione, MD, Harvard Medical School Mind-Body Medicine Professor of Psychiatry
  • Dr. Steven Southwick, MD, Yale University Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, PTSD and Resilience
  • Dr. Spencer Eth, MD, University of Miami Medical Director – Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program
  • Dr. John Denninger MD, Ph.D., Director of Research, BHI
  • Dr. Louisa Sylvia, Ph.D., Director of Health and Wellness at the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program
  • Lt. William Keegan, PAPD Night Commander 9/11 Rescue Recovery (Retired)
  • Lt. Richard Robinson, Newtown, CT PD Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting
  • Sgt. Scott Ruszczyk, Newtown, CT PD Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting
  • Lt. Angelo Sacco, FDNY, Licensed Clinical Social Worker-NYS
  • Lt. Drew Kane, Program Director,  FDNY -CSU Addiction Treatment Program, Licensed Master Social Worker-NYS
  • Lt. Owen McCaffrey NYPD ESU 9/11 Rescue Recovery (Retired)
  • Assistant Chief Rebeca Garcia Bridgeport CT PD
  • Sgt. Amity Lafantano Danbury CT PD
  • Donna Lamonaco Founder of the NJ State Police Survivors of the Triangle

During acute incidents such as 9/11, mass casualties, and pandemics, you are facing similar challenges to the ones we struggled with and overcame. Hopefully, our lessons learned help you and your families pass through this time with a little less damage to your mental and physical health along with your relationships.

The following areas will be addressed:
• Stress management and reduction
• Up-to-date research and science in the areas of our mind and body interactions during stressful conditions

This HEART 9/11 SMART Program will assist you in understanding your mind-body relationship during these stressful times. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we encourage you to contact your department medical offices or other mental health professionals who can better address those health needs.

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