HEART 9/11, Benson-Henry Institute, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital are collaborating on the development of a first responder wellness program. First responders are under extreme pressure to perform at a high level with little support. The recent spike in mass causality shootings has led to a first responders’ PTSD and “moral injury” crisis. HEART 9/11’s newest initiative is a first responder wellness training in collaboration with the Harvard School of Medicine BHI Mind Body Medicine Program. HEART 9/11 endeavors to train first responders proactively and reactively to face the mounting stresses of their duties. More often the diagnosis of PTSD issues can be complicated by the moral injury which can reset the first responders’ moral equilibrium. Beyond the therapeutic value, building tangible assets such as a home for a disaster victim or a veteran gives the opportunity for HEART 9/11 members to translate scientific research into an understandable language to first responders. Who better than the Newtown, CT police and WTC first responders who performed the rescue/recovery mission following the 9/11 attacks to deliver the message of resiliency?

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