HEART 9/11 has been invited to lend their expertise and raise awareness of moral injury as a legitimate threat to states of well-being April 14, 2016 atThe Riverside Church in the City of New York. HEART 9/11 will be part of a cross-section of people from the Veteran services arena, healthcare sector, caregiver support group and faith strengthening communities that will take part in a substantive dialogue on the challenges presented to those facing moral injury.
Moral injury can occur when something disrupts a person’s system of faith, meaning, beliefs and/or values. Although there is a focus on moral injury in Veterans who have served in military combat, it is a much broader phenomenon that can occurs in connection with trauma of any kind. For example, caregivers for dementia patients can and do suffer from moral injury.
HEART 9/11’s participation in the convening will be a valuable source of information to help Volunteers of America model, develop and implement effective programs for those suffering from moral injury. The session will be video taped and will provide a record of the discussions that will be used to help shape written materials regarding moral injury, fine-tune moral injury training and help in expanding public knowledge on the subject.