HEART 9/11 Veteran Build Team Leaders met with the Exec. Director of the Errera Veteran Community Care Center of CT this week. HEART 9/11 is proud to partner with the ECCC to provide the skilled workforce needed to build/remodel/renovate homes for injured veterans, disabled individuals or first responders who live in CT and are in desperate need of help. HEART 9/11 will include our Newtown CT law enforcement and first responder friends to work with us on these construction projects that will improve the life an individual and community. VA Connecticut’s Errera Community Care Center (“ECCC”) has evolved into one of the leading centers of innovation in recovery and psychosocial rehabilitation in the integration of the psychosocial and biomedical approaches. ECCC serves veterans struggling with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders, homelessness, and/or aging. At the ECCC, a team of multidisciplinary mental health professionals come together to provide an array of community-based rehabilitative programs including day and crisis intervention programs, vocational programs, housing programs (ranging from subsidized to non-subsidized, supported to non-supported), homeless outreach and advocacy, case management programs, and wellness activities including a full gym.