Our HEART 9/11 members are grateful to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family. We are blessed to have each other to share our compassion and determination to help those who are most in need. Today as we begin our Thanksgiving Day festivities, we will think of the men and women, our brothers and sisters, who will leave their homes before the smell of turkey permeates the air and return when only the leftovers remain because of their duty to keep us safe and free. Our first responders, police officers, firefighters and EMS will sacrifice their family day so ours will be enjoyed in the confidence that we are protected. We thank you.The sacrifices of first responders, as significant as they are, pale to the commitment of our military troops who are far from home and work in dangers that most people can’t fathom. We are thankful to the troops and their families who make incredible sacrifices so that we can enjoy the hard earned fruits of our great country. During these trying times, today is a time to reflect on our blessings. The love that helped us through our dark days is alive and well in the spirit and soul of America and we will prevail. Happy Thanksgiving!