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HEART 9/11 spent the first quarter of the year identifying and planning projects for 2015. These projects are consistent with HEART 9/11’s mission to prepare for futures disasters, as well as ameliorating the community crisis that exists in our military veteran community. The following initiatives are focused on those 2 mission goals. These under takings not only address the housing needs of veterans but also are more comprehensive by including training and hopefully employment for these deserving heroes. Our disaster response capabilities have been greatly increased through the generous support of a few donors that allowed us to purchase large capital equipment, tools, and supplies necessary for an immediate and sustainable response.
Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) Update
• HEART 9/11 has been accepted as a VOAD member in the following 6 states – AL, CT, MA, NJ, PA, RI
• Membership confirmation in 7 states is pending – DE, GA, LA, MD, NY, NYC, VA
• During the next few months HEART 9/11 will have VOAD membership in 13 states across the country
• HEART 9/11 will attend the National VOAD meeting May 11-13th in New Orleans, LA
New Warehouse Space
• HEART 9/11 has warehouse space – through a generous gift from Group One Investments – at our Newark, NJ headquarters
• The warehouse space is full with tools, equipment and supplies necessary for rapid disaster response
Mobile Command Post
• HEART 9/11 has recently procured a 28’ Command Post vehicle. This mobile unit will be fully capable to conduct HEART 9/11 business at a disaster response or at one of our veteran home builds
Newtown, CT First Responder Initiative
• HEART 9/11 has successfully completed Phase1 of our 4 Phase First Responder Program in Newtown, CT
• HEART 9/11 has begun Phase 2, which will incorporate the expertise and experiences of the Yale University Psychiatry Department and the Yale Child Study Team
• The HEART 9/11 team of Newtown Facilitators recently attended a workshop at Yale University to better address the needs of the Newtown First Responder Community
2015 HEART 9/11 Liberty National Golf Event – September 14, 2015
• Sponsorship packages are now available
• Seeking donations for gift bags and auction items
• Foursomes and dinner tickets will be available June 1st
NYC Fire Museum – Spring 2015
• HEART 9/11 will provide the skilled work force needed to renovate the museum – floor, paint, plumbing upgrades
• Seeking funds/donations to support project
Selden, NY Veteran Home Build – In Progress
• The HEART 9/11 team is executing a major renovation on partially paralyzed USMC Lance Corporal William Ventura’s home. This Gold Star family, having lost one son to war and another son disabled, has sacrificed and paid a price for freedom that can never be repaid. HEART 9/11 members are helping pay back to a family that has given so much and demonstrating -in true HEART 9/11 form – that from sorrow and pain we can not only survive but we can thrive by helping others.
Project Cohort
• A partner organization whose mission is to engage veterans in positive team work such as HEART 9/11 veteran home builds