Twenty-two years ago today, at 12:18pm, a group of terrorists detonated a rented truck containing 1,200 pounds of explosives in the sub levels of the World Trade Center. We lost six innocent, hard working people in that act of terrorism, along with an unborn child. We honor these victims and we ask for our members to pray for their families. America’s sense of security from the violence in the Middle East was also pierced on that fateful day.
Many of our HEART 9/11 members, NYPD, FDNY, PAPD and the NYC Building Trades, responded to the Towers on 2/26/93 and without thought of their own safety they executed an orderly, safe evacuation. I remember rescuing frightened school children from a stalled elevator. The WTC buildings reopened within weeks of that blast.
A small piece of the 1993 Bombing Memorial is now on display in the 9/11 Museum and Memorial. The rest of the 1993 Memorial was destroyed during the September 11, 2001 bombing. I would like to call attention to a Port Authority electrical foreman, Phil Clites, who discovered that fragment in the rubble following the 9/11 attacks. Phil took a very personal reverend embrace of this damaged piece. He restored this important part of WTC history, which today reminds us of our vulnerability but also our resilience.
Bill Keegan
Founder/President HEART 9/11