HEART 9/11 salutes the men and women who serve our country yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thank you for your courage and selfless commitment to the protection of our Homeland. HEART 9/11 has always felt a special bond with our military brothers and sisters, many who visited us during the Ground Zero cleanup before deploying to far away shores. The World Trade Center Rescue and Recovery team would often remark how the military was the offense, taking the fight to the enemy and the police and fire departments of NYC were the last line of defense, protecting our city. But make no mistake we are on the same team. HEART 9/11 would especially like to thank all those veterans who worked with us during Hurricane Sandy and continue to help HEART 9/11 build homes for the severely injured returning troops. Not only is HEART 9/11 working to build these physical structures but we are also proud of our partnerships with Project Rebirth and their veteran programs Project Cohort and Outward Bound Veterans.

HEART 9/11 is in the planning stages of our 10th veteran home build located in Bronx, NY. HEART 9/11 is proud and honored to not only build homes but also help rebuild the lives of these returning injured veterans. HEART 9/11 looks forward to continuing our veteran’s outreach, partnership and employment opportunities. A special thank you to our partners the Building and Construction Trades of Greater New York and their very successful Helmets To Hardhats program.