Flag 2Members and Supporters,

On the 13th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the HEART 9/11 Family extends our thoughts and prayers to the families of those who were taken from us too soon, our colleagues and friends who have succumbed in the years since from their 9/11/01 illnesses and all survivors.

HEART 9/11 honors our friends and all those who were lost by helping others. HEART 9/11 dedicated the Port Salut, Haiti “Safe House” build to a “Day of Public Service” – September 11, 2014. HEART 9/11 does this 365 days of the year, but finds aiding these recently freed young women to be a fitting tribute to all that a day of public service means.

At the end of September HEART 9/11 will renovate and repair a 9/11 injured police officers home in NJ. October will find HEART 9/11 remodeling an injured Marine’s home on Long Island by making it handicapped assessable. At the end of October HEART 9/11 returns to Haiti to finish a marketplace at Love A Child Orphanage that will include much needed medical facilities. There is no better way to remember our friends, colleagues and their surviving families, than to honor their sacrifices and to channel their love by using our skills and expertise to help those in need.

Today I know there will be tears and lingering pain but I know that our family is strong and resilient. We have each other and the memory of our fallen to keep us focused on what we can do in the future instead of what we can’t change. This message will resonate from firehouses, precincts and construction sites throughout this great nation that on this day “We will NEVER FORGET” by remembering our loved ones and friends by serving others.

Bill Keegan
Founder/President HEART 9/11