I find it nearly impossible to accept that Hurricane Sandy hit our shores one year ago today. HEART 9/11 has been busy helping those affected by Sandy but we wish we could roll back time and help even more families. Our teams are so motivated that we if we had one wish beyond the absence for the need of our help it is that we could do more. You see that is who we are, not just what we do. The difference in our members beyond our expertise in disaster response and rebuilding, is our level of empathy that we share with our fellow victims. Yes, our fellow victims, because we understand the gut wrenching life alteration that such catastrophic events like Sandy visit on the innocent.So, today rather than speak to our successes in the gutting and rebuilding of the affected homes, I would like to salute our members for their great work and I would like to thank every home owner for trusting HEART 9/11 to work on their homes, our donors such as the Robin Hood Foundation, The Mayor’s Collaborative Initiative, Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, The Enterprise Foundation and The Patricia and John Rosenwald Fund among so many others. Further, the participation of many of the Building Trade Unions, our partners during the WTC Recovery Mission, has been nothing short of remarkable, especially the New York City & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters, Laborers Local 79 – New York City, LIUNA, District 9 Tapers and Painters and the Marble & Tile Union.

Due to the generosity of our supporters, HEART 9/11 continues our work in Brooklyn and Queens. We are not only rebuilding homes but we are also building personal growth through our Resiliency Training. HEART 9/11 understands that long after homes are repaired the invisible wounds will remain. Our goal is to leverage the trust we enjoy in the communities we serve and provide a platform from which they will actually be propelled to realize their full resiliency and strength.

HEART 9/11 is proud and humbled to continue our service to the people of New York that began for many of us with an oath over twenty years ago. With your support, we will cotinue to deliver our expert services to those in the most need.

Bill Keegan