Ground Perspective – Leonel Lopez, Local 79 – Moore, OK

Members and Supporters – On behalf of the HEART 9/11 organization I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Labor Day holiday. HEART 9/11 and the people we have served over the course of 2013 owe a great debt to NY organized labor who have never hesitated when we sounded the call for help. Whether it was a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake or a veteran home build the Greater NY Building and Construction Trades has always answered the call. It is not just their skills that impress those affected by these disasters but their respect and compassion for those less fortunate, they connect with people. I and so many of the police and fire professionals of HEART 9/11 were proud members of unions throughout our careers. We remember the days after 9/11/2001 when we worked side by side with other union workers as we performed the sacred work that was asked of us in a safe and respectful manner. Unionized labor at its best.

Bill Keegan