All American Soccer Club Restoration

HEART 9/11 has taken on the monumental task of restoring the All American Soccer Club Headquarters located in Gerritsen Beach. We believe the restoration of this community center will play a vital part in the community healing process. We have an ambitious goal – to complete the renovations by September 11, 2013, the 12th Anniversary of the WTC attacks. The building has been gutted, the mold issue has been remediated and HEART 9/11 crews are applying the sub-floor this week.

HEART 9/11 is proud to reach out to a generation of youth, many of whom were not born yet during the dark days following 9/11/2001, and share with them the resiliency of the spirit of those taken from us. We are introducing them to the professionals who responded during the very difficult rescue/recovery mission and we have once again honored our pledge to “Never Forget”.

A project of this magnitude could not be accomplished on this schedule without the participation of our full partners New York Cares, BuildingWorks, NYC District Council of Carpenters Labor Joint Apprentice Training Committee and GB Cares.