The sudden death of nineteen elite firefighters in Yarnell, Arizona was shocking. I have spoken to many of you since then trying to make sense of this loss of human life. This tragedy brings us back to many horrible events we have experienced and participated in over the course of our lives. Once again, we have to face the reality that our choice of careers in public service demands that sacrifices have to be made.  We understand the commitment “the job” demands. When we raise our hand and swear an oath to “serve and protect”, we know that the day may come when our courage, strength and resolve will not beat the odds every time. Our families live this reality with us. It takes a special person to run into a fire or towards gunfire. These last desperate moments that these nineteen heroes experienced are very familiar to us as we recall the last radio transmissions from our Brothers and Sisters taken from us at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001.

We salute and pray for our fallen Brothers in Arizona. The entire HEART 9/11 family hopes their families find peace in knowing that the sacrifice these brave men have made will not be forgotten and they have joined a select brethren who have set the standard that others can only aspire to achieve.

We are sending a team to Yarnell, Arizona to stand with our Brothers and Sisters in a final salute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


William E. Keegan

Founder/President HEART 9/11