HEART 9/11 has been flooded with phone calls, texts and emails from so many of our friends and followers. Our staff wants all to know that our response teams that traveled to Oklahoma are home safe and sound. Our prayers continue to be with our old and new friends in Oklahoma and hopefully this extraordinary storm season will end soon.

The teams that responded to Moore and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are true professionals which is why HEART 9/11 did not hesitate to respond to the call for help despite the inherent dangers associated with the unpredictability of tornadoes. Thank you to HEART 9/11 team members under the leadership of Tom Murphy, Dennis Lee, Donna Lamonaco and John Viola.

The HEART 9/11 family appreciates the sentiments of concern, the prayers and well wishes received in the past twenty four hours. HEART 9/11 is looking forward to future projects in Moore and Oklahoma City and we will keep you updated as the details become known.

Train-The-Trainer Program – Includes an 8-week HEART 9/11 SMART Program for First Responders, 2 days (16 hours) implementation course delivered by a Harvard Benson-Henry Institute instructor, a virtual Harvard University psychology academy 1 college credit course • Upon completion of all phases trainers can deliver the program to their department members and may be asked by HEART 9/11 to train other officers • Trainee and instructor manual will be provided