Fundly 2

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Moore, Oklahoma community recently struck by the devastating natural tragedy. A HEART 9/11 “Incident Assessment and Management” Team will arrive today in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to help our fellow HEART 9/11 OKC Police and Fire Department members to cope with its horrendous effects. We are bringing our expertise and training to further the recovery efforts that will be ongoing for weeks and months. HEART 9/11 will be there for them and their families.

This is the first of many responses that HEART 9/11 will organize over the next months to help our friends in Oklahoma City. Members and supporters will have the opportunity to volunteer for future deployments once we assess the optimum way for HEART 9/11 to help.

The HEART 9/11 team will need your support to help our brothers and sisters in Oklahoma. Please let your family and friends know that HEART 9/11 will be in Oklahoma making a real impact on the ultimate recovery of the survivors of this horrific storm.