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Wishing you and your Family a Happy and Safe New Year.

Hug your loved ones and share a smile with a stranger. You should feel good about the great work you have done for your fellow man in 2012. The injured veterans we tried to pay back by building accessible homes, our neighbors in Haiti at Love A Child orphanage where there are so many little ones alive today because of the pharmacy facilities we built that provides their life saving medicines, and of course our friends in New York and New Jersey so devastated by Hurricane Sandy.


During this busy season, please send the below link to your friends and family in your email address book and start your own fundraising campaign to make sure we have all the tools and equipment we will need to rebuild the homes affected by Hurricane Sandy. It takes just five minutes to proudly let your family and friends know of the great work that you and your fellow HEART 9/11 team members have accomplished. But, there is so much more to do and we will be there for those unfortunate victims of Hurricane Sandy. A small donation can go a long way when coupled with hundreds of other like minded caring people.  We have all witnessed the power of social networking, let us put this incredible tool to good use by having you start your own campaign to help the Sandy victims – especially helping single parents, the elderly and veterans. If, you have any questions or need help to start the short process please contact chrisbalas@heart911.org. What a beautiful way to start the New Year by helping others. We are getting closer to our goal of $250,000 for our Sandy Response!!

 On behalf of the HEART 9/11 Board of Directors and our staff, Happy New Year.

Bill Keegan

Founder/President HEART 9/11