Congratulations on our most effective disaster response yet!!! Over 120 homes serviced by over 1,000 responding HEART 9/11 members. A special thank you to the Greater New York Building Trades

It has been just over a month since Hurricane Sandy ripped through our neighborhoods leaving behind destruction, dashed dreams and broken hearts. But, almost by muscle memory, as we so often do, when calls for help went out, especially from the elderly who couldn’t help themselves, the members of HEART 9/11 jumped into action. Armed with tools, knowledge and experience, we hit the ground running, in Wantagh, Rockaway, Gerritsen Beach, Broad Channel, Staten Island and Breezy Point. As we ripped out the compromised interiors and belongings of over 120 homes, we shared with the devastated home owners our own stories of recovery and resiliency from the 9/11 attacks. Before we finished a few homes on one block, there would be five more homeowners asking us for help because they knew they could trust us. While so many groups were doing a good job addressing the comfort, food and temporary housing needs from the flooding, HEART 9/11 was removing the nexus of those issues by rehabilitating the Sandy victim’s homes.

Because of who we are and our high level of technical expertise and familiarity with disaster response, we were quickly recognized by grass roots community organizations who sprung up and became our partners during this response: The Cort Club and Gather Inn in Gerritsen Beach, The Gut and Pump and Knute Rockne tents in Breezy Point, VFW on Mill Road in Staten Island, and the 134th Street HQ in the Rockaways.

We will now move into Phase II and Phase III of our response. The mental health component (Phase II), led by Leo Flanagan Phd. and Phase III where we have already begun identifying victims who need rebuilding, but are slipping through the cracks of the government and insurance remedies through no fault of their own.

We continue to need your help! We will be organizing our volunteers for the rebuilding efforts that will continue in these communities for many months to come. Additionally, we need funds to continue our amazing work. You all have people in your lives that will be more than willing to support your hard work and determination by supporting HEART 9/11. Please forward this email with our fundraising link to your email address book and ask your friends and family to donate whatever they can so we can move forward with our next phases. Pooled together, every last dollar makes a difference.

You know that we don’t take salaries and the money raised will go directly to the victims and will provide you, the responders, with the tools necessary to exponentially increase our effectiveness.

Thank you, each and everyone of you, for all that you do for those who are unable to do for themselves.

All the best,

Bill Keegan

Founder/President HEART 9/11