Photo courtesy of House of Nod, Inc

HEART 9/11 will muster its volunteers at 7am in front of our Rockaway HQ at 424 Beach 134th Street, Saturday, November 24. HEART 9/11 will continue responding to the ongoing light demolition needs of the people of the Rockaways. We anticipate 200+ volunteers, many of whom are members of the NY Ironworkers Unions under the supervision of Mr. Ed Walsh. HEART 9/11 has been asked to facilitate an additional 100 volunteers of Irish descent who have been organized by NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn for the Rockaways “Irish Day of Action”. We hope to complete the preparation for the rebuildng of 25 homes on Saturday which will push us well past 100 homes/families assisted by HEART 9/11 members.

Dr. Leo Flanagan Phd., long time HEART 9/11 member, spearheaded a group of HEART 9/11 volunteers this past Wednesday and Thursday/Thanksgiving Day, to continue our relationships with the Hurricane Sandy victims which began with our demolition efforts and has now moved into the mental health issues. Dr. Flanagan delivered pies to many of our clients for Thanksgiving Day. Leo also participated in the Gerritsen Beach Thanksgiving dinner held at the Cort Club.

William Keegan

Founder/President HEART 9/11