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As the horrific consequences of Hurricane Sandy become more apparent by the day, HEART 911 has received many calls from friends and fellow first responders requesting our unique skills. While we have the manpower, knowledge and expertise, we do not have enough tools and equipment to exponentially expand our breadth of services.

Our return on investment is astronomical. With a modest investment in additional tools and equipment to put more of our volunteers to work, we could be helping hundreds more families, while saving millions more in recovery costs, now.

Our immediate need is $250,000, of which we have already raised $100,000. This funding will enable us to purchase four (4) additional twenty-four foot trailers fully stocked with tools and equipment.
Please donate as much or as little as you want – every bit helps!

By helping us reach our goal of bringing expanded resources to as many communities as possible, you will not only be supporting HEART 911, but you will also be giving families in Staten Island, Queens, Long Island and Brooklyn hope for their future.

Thank you for your support,
William Keegan
Founder/President HEART 911