Dear Members and Supporters,
Our continued prayers and thoughts are with the families that have lost so much from this historic storm.
HEART 9/11 has been busy in Wantagh, LI mitigating the consequences of unprecedented flooding. We were inspired by the overwhelming response as we multiplied our effectiveness by engaging the neighborhood.
HEART 9/11 in addition to the Wantagh LI response will begin work in Rockaway, Queens. We will meet Monday with the residents and we anticipate a sustained response to the demolition needs and the rebuilding projects that will follow. We anticipate a full response beginning Wednesday11/7.
HEART 9/11 is proud to announce that we will be incorporating our military veterans brothers and sisters in this endeavor along with the Building Trades of Greater NY, retired police and fire professionals.
All my best,
William Keegan
Founder/President H.E.A.R.T. 9/11