H.E.A.R.T. 9/11 Is Sending A Crew Of Volunteers Skilled In Plumbing To Love A Child Orphanage, Fond Parisien, Haiti

Volunteers will depart from JFK Airport on Sunday (6/26) and will hit the ground running. The team will assist our hosts, Bobby and Sherry Burnette of Love A Child Orphanage, in making much needed plumbing repairs and general orphanage upgrades. The plumbing system had been compromised prior to the January 12, 2010 earthquake and has yet to be fixed. Repairs have been delayed as the overwhelming medical and housing needs of the injured, currently located on the grounds of the orphanage, has taken top priority. H.E.A.R.T. 9/11 members continue to demonstrate their flexibility and willingness to respond when needed. We’d like to thank our generous benefactors at Jefferies & Co. who have made this mission possible.


Forbes Magazine

Bill Keegan, President and Founder of HEART 9/11, has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of eight outstanding individuals in the United States who have been credited with leaving their first careers behind and  following their passion for helping others by founding non-profits. We are immensely proud of both our HEART 9/11 Founder and our team, and are humbled to be recognized be the magazine for business leaders around the world.  Forbes

Women’s World Magazine

“Every now and then, angels appear cleverly disguised as ordinary human beings.”  Adele Basheer

John Viola, coordinator for HEART 9/11, has been featured in Woman’s World magazine (June 20, 2011) for his role in coordinating the re-building of a fellow NY Firefighters’ widows’ home after the floods in Tennessee this past year. 

WW article