2 girls

Visiting the children of the lower mountain village on Tuesday was quite an experience for the H.E.A.R.T. 9/11 team. Accompanying a group of fourteen highly-skilled doctors, nurses, and even a “town crier” to get the message out, the group watched as vaccinations were administrated and recorded. This particular practice serves as a template for future vaccination administrations, as written records for medical history are still quite rare. The primary goal of the doctors is to make the system more permanent in the future.

A fairly new concept also being introduced is that of “family planning”. With the help of medical professionals, mothers are learning to make responsible decisions- as long as their husbands and churches allow.

Back at the work site, the team worked in tandem with the crew of apprentices, continuing work on the pharmacy facility.

Later in the day, the H.E.A.R.T. 9/11 team distributed soccer jerseys, cleats, and soccer balls that were collected and generously donated by the Marlboro N.J. Soccer Club and collected by the Hot Shots Blue U-11 Girl team. With the help and support of the hometown team, we are able to provide the orphans at Love a Child with enough equipment and gear to keep the kids on the field. Please check back for a status update.