H.EA.R.T. 9/11 deployed to Port-Au-Prince Haiti on Sunday afternoon, and the entire team was struck by the changes that have been made in the city and at the orphanage since the last visit. The sixteen volunteers on this particular mission are returning for their second, third, and fourth trips to better the country that requires extensive aid and attention.

Arriving at our base camp in Fond Parisian and seeing the empty space that we have to build the facility has everybody excited. Today began the extensive restructuring process of creating a temperature-controlled pharmacy, where first aid materials, food products, and supplies will be stored. Talk regarding air conditioning units and insulation stretched long into Sunday night, with plans to start as early as possible today and make the most of the day.

We look forward to completing the organizing and framing portions of the pharmacy, before initial construction officially kicks off.

Please check back tomorrow for a status update from Bennett Elliott and Robert Kolodny (NYC).